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Why a virtual assistant?

About 60% of all occupations have at least 30% technically automatable activities1. Customer relationships are no different, there is a high probability that a new customer question has already been answered before, or maybe this topic has already been addressed in some document created in the past.

We are Tech and solve, we excel your customers experience by leveraging AI to transform corporate knowledge into accurate responses.

Key Benefits

The Internet is enormous and powerful, but also has inaccurate or harmful information with Solver AIssistance you can control the source of information to generate the answers for your customers.

Solver AIssistance makes it easy to ask. As an end user, you don’t need significant knowledge about prompt engineering or anything beyond your business needs.

We bring generative AI to your new and existing applications quickly. Our service helps you easily integrate with Solver AIssistance features and quickly start improving through its benefits.

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Our team

Meet our incredible crew a talented team of visionaries, creators, and problem solvers.

Natasha Luján

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Pioneering Colombian leader and Tech and Solve co-founder, holds a computer science degree from EAFIT. Her Master’s in Project Management drives company progress with unwavering dedication to core values. As a strategic consultant, she influences organizations, serving on an IT cluster’s board. Natasha’s innovation and expertise are vital in the IT sector, and a key success factor.

Andres Muñetón

Culture Lead at Tech and Solve

With a 16-year history, excels in team building and product strategy. Since 2016, he’s been a leader in AI and IoT, innovating home safety solutions for individuals with cognitive and physical challenges. As a partner at Tech and Solve, Andrés holds a Computer Engineering degree and a Master’s in Software Engineering from Universidad Nacional. He’s also expanded his academic credentials with a Master’s in Behavioral Sciences from Universidad EAFIT.

Raul De Villa

Chief Innovation Officer

Raúl is a seasoned software architect with two decades of experience. Since 2016, he’s been active in AI with Tech and Solve’s IoT solution. As a co-founder, he holds a degree in Computer Engineering from Universidad de Antioquia and a specialization in Software Development. His real-world software expertise adds value to projects seeking innovation.


Common Questions about Solver AIssistance you could have in mind.

Give me an example of what Solver AIssistance is for?

A chatbot could integrate with Solver AIssistance to generate more engaging responses. This way, the chatbot will respond as an expert, and your customers will perceive less artificiality during the interaction.

Is prior knowledge necessary for using Solver AIssistance?

Solver AIssistance makes it easy to use. As an end user, you don’t need extensive knowledge of prompt engineering or anything beyond your business needs.

Who developed Solver AIssistance?

Solver AIssistance was developed by TECH AND SOLVE’s Innovation team, a Colombian company with 15 years of experience serving leading Latin American and US multinationals. We specialize in expediting Digital Transformation processes through software development and DevOps practices.

What is the cost of Solver AIssistance?

It is very simple to talk about costs, schedule a meeting with our team of experts at contact@techandsolve.com and we will give you a quote.

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