Software Development

Stable and reliable platforms guarantee users committed to your brand.

We make things to happen differently in the IT field

Since 2008 we think of our clients and solvers as partners to build strategical and custom made software. We create long-term relationships and we fulfill them with early and continuous results deliveries at every level of our relationship.

In this context, our software development services characterize because:

They have the agile seal as a framework since 2011

We go beyond the writing code. We continuously deliver valuable software with great quality! This way you won’t need to pay for additional tester teams.

We frequently deliver software ready to use by final users.

We accept that changes in projects are natural!

What kind of services do we offer you to your software challenges?


Development teams:

At Tech And Solve we conceive software development projects under the light of agile frameworks, we enable new capabilities in your business and facilitate the operational tasks execution

This is how we gradually reach objectives of the project with a determined time, frame and budget!

Support and maintenance:

Do you need a continuous flow of attention to support requests, maintenance and guarantees issues with the best possible levels of quality and a preventive approach? Tech And Solve Support and Maintenance service is what you need.

On-site person:

Join to this collaborative model based on linking solvers to your work teams. You will increase the ability to get better results in your business domain areas!

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We are your partners in the technological challenges evolution of your company or in your own professional career.